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Feedback from current and past students is perhaps the best indication of how satisfied they feel after attending the yoga programs that I offer.

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21-day Yoga feedback

Pranayama and Meditation Intensive

Pranayama Intensive feedback

Meditation Intensive feedback

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21-day Yoga Feedback

I would like to express that I am going to miss the class and Subhashji teaching since today was my last day of 21 days programme. I discovered the true meaning of Yoga that includes 5 essential practices and not just aasanas. I just love his teaching techniques and the theoretical knowledge that are very important to have a understanding of Yoga as a whole. I cannot thank enough to Subhashji about his time and his dedication towards each student.

- Mamta

Transformational, Informative, Spiritual. Interesting enough to make me get up early daily and I think this would be a lifelong habit for me. The routine is addictive and energizing.

- Sivasundar

Awakening and total body transformation. Did yoga in the past but this 21 day journey was best as it got me into a routine of being me. Feel better in body and mind.

- Nivedita

Subhash is a great teacher with deep knowledge in Yoga. I enjoyed his classes and learned a variety of Yoga techniques and poses. I did not notice any significant life changing experience either mentally or physically. There could be subtle changes that may be buried under my high expectations. But in all I am very glad I came, understood my strength and more so my weakness and for now I have the motivation to continue at home which I know will dissipate over time but then I can come back for another 21 day session.

- Mitesh

Very good. Made a positive difference to my life and lower back pain. My back pain lessened after the 21 day program and the difference is felt when I wake up in the morning. Previously, I woke up with stiff back and now I am almost pain free in the morning. I will try and do at least 30 minutes every day going forward.

- Prakash

"I found the 21-day Yoga Class invaluable. Subhash Ji is very knowledgeable in the field, and has a brilliant teaching style. The class was not just about coming in the morning, doing some Yoga, then going home and forgetting about it. Subhash Ji did a great job blending the Aasanas (physical), Pranayamas (breathing), Dhyana (meditation-introduction). He gave us a background of the concepts as and when he introduced us to the various areas & steps. He was very conscious about translating from Sanskrit to English as well, making no assumptions about where his students are from.

He is also very conscious about the different levels people are at, and does not follow an aggressive style like some studios are known to, instead encouraging his students to do what they are comfortable with.

If you are looking for a class where you can learn about Yoga in a safe and friendly environment with no judgement, I would highly recommend the Integral Studio where Subhash Ji teaches." "Going for a class for 21-days does really get you started into a routine. I've been very encouraged to wake up in the morning and continue. Subhash Ji creates real-time audio recordings of each day of the 21-day class, and provides those recordings. I have found them invaluable while doing my morning Yoga at home, makes me feel like I am still going to class and practicing alongside Subhash Ji. Subhash Ji provides a lot of materials as well such as videos, DVDs, pictorial depictions of the Aasanas, and further explanations of the various areas. There is a wealth of supporting materials provided."

- Avinash Lakhiani

I enjoyed the program. Waking up early morning and doing Yoga in a group set up with experienced Guru like Subhash ji is great experience I want to enjoy frequently. Helps me keep my regular yoga practice at home more energetic with extra vigor.

- Hari Chitluri

"Excellent! I am still learning but I can confidently say that this will change my life in a positive way. Changed the perspective on how to lead life. I think the fee is less when compared to the resources and positive energy we got our of the program."

"Time management, how to listen to body and take care of it. How simple changes in life can give you better way of living. The way Subhash ji teaches is simply awesome. I could not get the same feeling after I did yoga when I did at home."

- Bipin Gadi

Excellent! I was looking for gentle low impact stretching regimen to complement my meditation. Yoga was my first thought. I did not imagine that the asanas in themselves when done with awareness can be meditation. So ��. "Awareness makes asanas more impactful than achieving the perfect pose. Meditation is the heart of yoga practice. You have to practice to reap benefits."

- Sumathi Rajaram

The 21day Yoga Immersion program was very peaceful, relaxing, calming the mind and developing a deep sense of self-awareness. This program is not just asanas but it also includes meditation with yoga nidra, and pranayama with various breathing techniques, gives us a very good Yoga experience. Subhash ji is an amazing and experienced Yoga Guru, very rarely one can find such a Guru. He teaches us traditional methods of yoga and its very benefitting. "1. It strongly encourages us to practice Yoga with meditation and pranayama on a daily basis. I got a true yoga experience compared to any other yoga programs. 2. He has made every effort to provide all resources to his students to make it a ongoing practice, through his website, blog, youtube videos and audio links of the classes taken. Which helps us having a good reference to study more about yoga postures."

- Kanthi Kaligotla

Awesome experience. Was able stretch some parts of the body that I thought were not stretchable anymore. Will continue yoga at home and some classes. Integral yoga does help when we practice diet, yoga, mediation together.

- Mohan Voora

Got motivation, energy and enthusiasm to come back to my daily practice.

- Dhanalakshmi Muppavaram

I am a beginner to Yoga. The 21 day Yoga Immersion was the first time I ever learnt yoga asanas. I had a wonderful experience doing it under your guidance. I absolutely looked forward to attending it each morning. Learnt so much from these 21 days and so glad I decided to join it. Found it to be a wonderful experience and I wonder how I did not do it all these years. "Through this program I have had more of mental peace than ever. Got tremendous positive energy and vibes. This program has helped me be more organized and disciplined in my actions and Day to day routine. "

- Shraddha Chheda

"LOVED IT!!!! It was difficult to wake two hours earlier than usual and I had to rearrange my sleep schedule, but it was worth it for the way it made me feel. I felt more energized and alert afterwards.
" "Breathing techniques are important!
Yoga is more than just stretching!
Meditation is good for the soul!"

- Anne Pippen

It is amazing, I am not early bird as most of them, without missing single session I have made 21 days - that itself a great achievement. I feel my body is very flexible and comfortable. I really liked the way Subhash ji focused on each part of the body everyday and the breathing technics. Throughout the session I have learned new poses and I got to explore my body (which I never did). Started thinking deep inside of myself than through mind. I am focusing on controlling Ego and anger. Subhash ji will provide all the resources to his students to help them continue the Yoga practice. He is really nice & simple person, I really enjoyed the 21 day session. Thanks you Subhash ji!

- Rajitha Sree Vangara

Great experience overall. I am now familiar with many asanas and breathing practices which will help me to do these in the long run. "Benefits of doing asanas along with breathing can become a type of meditation over time of practice.

- Chitra Ramanarayanan

I really enjoyed the class. I loved that it was calm and quiet. It was a nice way to start my morning. I've been doing yoga since I was a child but I've learned a lot of new things.

- Debra Mehta

Subhash is a kind and gentle teacher. One of the things I greatly appreciated was his sensitivity with language. He never, ever said "If you can't do this," but always "If this doesn't work for you, try this." I always felt encouraged in his class and never felt judged.

Also, I lost 5 pounds during the intensive!

- Susan Mazzara

It was fantastic, energetic and informative. It made me rethink my priorities in life on how to lead a healthy, peaceful and mindful life. You have been source of authentic information on Yoga and it's philosophy. Thanks for explaining the background and internal details of Yoga.

- Shyamsunder Mutcha

It was a pleasent experience overall. I enjoyed doing yoga in a group. There was a positive vibe to it. Completing the 21-day program gave me motivation to continue it on my own at home. All the documents and links provided by Subhashji are helpful in creating your own routine.

- Anushri Bhivre

I love these yoga classes, the 21-day Yoga Intensive is a wonderful way to help me stay in tip top shape with my practice!
I enjoy the variety, the teachings provided, learning the name of the poses, everything about this program is great! I even like that it is so early in the day, it is perfect! :)

- Ana Cardia

Great! I wondered if I would be physically able to do the practice 21 days in a row. I did, with no problems, so I am proud of that, and stronger too. I had much to do at home during the class and I had so much energy. I slept well too. When I got up early (for me) and came to class it was inspiring to see 35 other people did too. The discipline this requires was good for me and I feel much better about what I accomplish each day.

I really liked the class. Repetition brings learning and understanding, for me. Variation brings interest and challenge. I never get bored with your classes even though I guess it is basically the same class. The variety keeps me inspired and moving ahead. Thank you for your incredible dedication to us. You are the best yoga teacher I have ever had, by far. This is a long journey and I have much to learn - it gradually seeps in! Even though I said the program fee was just right - the 21-day class is an amazing bargain. You seem to be reaching many new students.

- Sherri Harmon

Subhash ji is an amazing guru. The 21-day yoga program is a great experience in my life. I learned so many things apart from Yoga. I got a chance to meet so many great people. Group discussions helped to learn from real time experiences. Breakfast meet is a wonderful time. The Yoga and Pranaayama/Meditation DVDs are awesome.

- Nandu Konduri

Thank you so much for doing these courses. I really appreciate that you are so willing to share your in-depth knowledge of yoga. I had already established a daily yoga practice but wanted to learn more. I found that I missed my personal practice. More pranayam, more meditation, less or no alcohol

Brenda Cleveland

Blissful!! I have enjoyed 21-day Yoga Challenge. I have learnt to do this asana in a better and perfect way. I realised that I have been doing these asanas without even understand it. I have deeper understanding of Yoga after attending this challange. I am truly hoping to continue doing it on my own.

- Jyotsna Singh

This was my second 21-Day Yoga Immersion and as always it was great. It is a great learning experience on Asanas, Pranayama, meditation and all the theoretical knowledge that Subhash Ji gives.

- Nishant Munjal

I try not to miss any of Subhash ji's intensive classes. I enjoy the sessions every single time. I always learn something new each time from Subhash ji and my fellow students. The importance of a routine and a practice.

- Bina Thakkar

This was my first time Yoga. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I came to very open mind to learn the yoga techniques. I loved the way everyday's series went through and enjoyed the Subhashji's teaching style. Sharing experiences with everyone got an understanding as most of us have same problem. Also thanks to Subhasji for keeping potluck breakfast at his house so we got to meet his wife and got to know more about the participant from this group.

- Nissa Yusuf


"I had a great experience with the 21 Day yoga immersion. As a beginner to yoga, i was skeptical about finishing the whole course, but wanted to try out based on my friend's suggestion and it was perfect. I have started feeling positive changes with in me both mentally and physically. Highly recommend anyone who wants to learn yoga in a no pressure environment."

- Sreeni Edula

"This program surpassed my expectations. It was the most well-rounded program I've ever attended, with a good balance of asana, pranayama, theory, history, diet, meditation, and discipline, in a fun and welcoming atmosphere. I drove 30 minutes each way, leaving my house at 5:20 am without missing a day, because it was worth it. On day 22, I continued my practice at home, but was a little sad not to be driving in to our little group for a great start to my day. I lost 5 lbs too!"

- Teri Thomas

"My overall experience was wonderful as it was very nicely structured. I liked the concept of same flow each day with focus on a particular muscle group; and finally I loved the extra 30 minutes of Yoga theory/concept on Saturdays. This experience made me more disciplined and was the first step towards my overall goal i.e to gain strength and flexibility in my body."

- Nishant Munjal

"Awesome. Every class with Subhash is refreshing, and mind opening."

-Laurie Brummit

"Excellent! I enjoyed it. My day was longer when I came to classes. I used to have more time to do other works. I am more focused and less anxious when I did yoga. Thank you Subash ji."

- Divya Nallamothu

"Excellent! Three major takeaways: 1. learnt the correct way of doing all those poses earlier i used to do some of them in wrong way like when to inhale and when to exhale etc. 2. change in the lifestyle. because of the attended program i started getting up early which i never did in my life. (did not used to get up early even during the annual exams time) this program really gave me opportunity to change my life style 3. learnt some new variations in suryanamaskara. (i only know treditional suryanamaskara before) but with the program i got to know we can also do some variations."

- Shekhar Dontula

"I feel blessed to have found this class and to have had the good sense to participate in it. Subhash is very patient and encouraging without being demanding and pushy. This was my first real experience with yoga practices and I look forward to continuing the classes. My lower back pain is all but gone. While I still can not do all of the poses I am making progress and that is what is important to me. I also feel invigorated by the early morning program and have continued the practices. Also I have purchased the Yoga with Subhash DVD's which have helped me maintain the momentum which we had with obtained thru th 21 Day Program. This has been an A+ experience. Every Senior I know should consider taking this class!"

- Jan Sommer

"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole 21 day Yoga challenge. It was my first time at learning Yoga and I was not sure if I would like it or even continue and just wanted to learn something new. But when I was in the program doing the various Asanas, Pranayamas and the meditation practice, I realized how much of a positive difference I felt within myself and have decided that I will try to make yoga as part of my everyday routine. Even getting up early in the morning dint feel tiring, instead I had a new found energy for the whole day.
The best part was Subhashjis calm demeanor and his instruction style. He never forced anything and said we should always listen to our body but he also made sure we were all doing the right poses and breathing techniques. To top it all he would take the time to make us understand about Yoga sutras of Patanjali or instances from various Indian mythical tales during the yoga sessions when we are really tired with certain asanas. This way we would get engrossed in his talk and not feel any exhaustion. I really believe Subhashji is the best person to learn yoga from in town. His Yoga sessions are so addicting and interesting that you will just want to keep continuing the session but alas it does come to an end after 21 days. I cant thank Subhashji for this wonderful program and how much of a positive difference he's bringing to the community by holding these programs."

- Rashmi Nair

"It was very enriching both for the body and mind"

- Salma Haque

"It was a wonderful experience. Thank you for offering such a great program at practically no cost. I am so glad I was able to attend and learn so much from you. I hope to be your student again in the near future."

- Hoda Memar

"I really enjoyed this program, and I started to feel difference in my body after one week. It is a life changing experience. i feel very energized. I wish I had attended this program at earlier stage of my life. "

- Dharm Gupta

"It was very good experience and really helped me to start of with my yoga practice. I am very much flexible with few Asana poses after attended this program. Now I am trying to get familiar with pranayama and meditation which will help full cycle of yoga as beginner. It will really helpful for the people who wants to introduce the yoga in to life. This is the best program which will help any one.
I would like to mention the overall experience is very good and i am very much satisfied with the way Subhash ji teaching and explaining about the way of practice and proving the information in all aspects."

- Suresh Vaddem

"Great. Though I had attended this class for the purpose of making yoga a routine habit, I learned/experienced the real purpose of Yoga. Subhash was really good at explaining and making me understand and deal with my experience. It was totally unexpected and am truly grateful to have experienced it.
I was really impressed at how the class always started on time. Each class was different which made the classes enjoyable."

- Rohini Rasa

"Very satisfied. 1.5 hrs a day for the program is just about right as it includes an explanation and paying individual attention on people. Thank you for recording and sharing the 21-day program audio."

- Kumar Ganapathiraju

"It was wonderful. I like the structure of the classroom n really value the instructions."

- Shruti Gupta


"I enjoyed every moment. After taking a little break from yoga, this was a great way to get back into the habit. I really enjoyed the discussion that focused on immersing yourself in a task, but not being attached to the outcome. I feel like that gave me an insight for dealing with my own stress, plus it is also a tangible leadership tool for getting the most out of employees without causing burnout."

- Amy Crawford

It has been a great expericence for me. I am now convinced yoga can releive me completly from my lower back pain if I continue and I really see a lot of difference in waking up early and doing yoga. I am able to concentrate better at work and my eating habits have improved as well. I would definetly join your other classes and as well continue the practice at home.

- Rajkumar Chandran

"I always look forward to these 21-day yoga classes with Subhash for many reasons. I have practiced yoga for over 20 yrs now and I find that this class provides me with the spiritual element that is often lacking from other teachers.
Subhash really attends to all the students and to the very end gives feedback to students. His nature is very gentle and yet informative and challenging. I have noticed so many changes in both my body, mind and emotions. I give the highest recommendation for anyone to take the class. Subhash also seems to attract a very nice group of people to his classes and I always enjoy getting to know them."

- Joanne Healey

"I am extremely happy to attend this class. I have actually fallen in love with many Asanas. It is the wonderful nature of the class and benefits that I were getting, that motivated me to get up as early as 5 AM, which I always found difficult. My sleep patterns are improved and I am able to control my diet, but still there is a long way to go!"

- Rajas Pimpalwadkar

"I have been running on a reasonably regular basis over the past 10 years.  However, I have started loosing flexibility and calmness in the mind.  My main purpose of  joining the program is to get the flexibility back, improve on breathing habits and keep the mind calm and peaceful.  My first day at the practice was tough, I could feel my muscles all over the body were tight .  Thanks to Subhash for  guiding me gradually into different Asanas and constant emphasis on breathing, I started feeling better after 3,4 days of the practice and I did not want to miss a single day after that.  I thoroughly enjoyed the company of the other participants in the program, they're all excellent and spread the energy through out.  I appreciate Subhash's introduction of Yoga Sutras and his experiences with concepts like 'Tibetan Rites'. "

Rao Dasari

"Blissful Experience ! I was looking for a yoga program that would give me the necessary initiation and experience to come closer to my roots. I feel , Subhash Ji's yoga program was the right path for this process. Seemingly complex and subtle concepts in the practice of Hatha yoga, become much easier when one practices under the keen observation and guidance of an experienced Guru. This program has helped introduce and clarify many of the basic essential yogic practices which can only be perfected through a daily routine of practice. Subhash Ji gives the right attention to everyone in the group giving tips to correct postures and introduces subtle variations . He has always been kind enough to share personal experiences and answer any questions the sadhaka may have. I hope you enjoy the immense health benefits this program has to offer."

- Tuhin Patel

"Energizing, inspiring, besides learning from an incredible teacher and a great team of like minded people.
1. Asanas are not easy, if you do them right.
2. Disciplined Practice can makes them easy
3. Subhashji's passion for yoga becomes contagious by the time you are done with the 21 day program "

- Hemi Patel

I was able to explore my personal practice and I believe enhance my teaching. The discipline of a daily practice has brought new depths to my practice and I've truly enjoyed continuing each day with new and fresh awareness. I've always somewhat struggled with meditation and I'm actually beginning to look forward to my new found peace of mind.
- Peggy Selby (yoga instructor)

My experience was one of inspiration that I can do a lot toward improving my own physical and mental health. I felt better after one week and so was very inspired to continue. I do have difficulty sitting in any cross legged position, so use a pillow at my lower back for support. I'm assuming that will get better with practice as I get stronger.
- Susan Walston

I really enjoyed the whole session. It really helped me a lot . 21 day Yoga practice alleviated my knee pain. I got the discipline of getting up early in the morning. Lot of ther benefits like strength and flexiblity on the muscles. Mr. Subhash is very good for proper guidance and run the class without getting boredom.
- Sridevi

Absolutely wonderful! I didn't want it to end! :) I discovered how to "listen" to my body. Connecting mentally with the asanas during practice enabled me to better understand my physical state throughout the day. I realized that approaching yoga with a commitment to a daily practice resulted in my schedule changing in order to make my practice a top priority. I learned that yoga is not only about the asanas, but also about breathing, awareness, stillness, etc. coming together to create a harmonious beginning to my day.
- Kristen Daniels

I thoroughly enjoyed my 21-day Yoga Challenge. It was one of the most fun and meaningful challenges I've experienced. Even though, it was hard to wake up at the beginning, it got easier and I started to enjoy waking up early! I loved Subhash's teaching style and his passion towards yoga. We, as your students, could see how much you believe in what you teach and that is indispensable! I liked the fact that we were able to do things at our own pace. I also really liked how you varied what we did each day, so that we learned something new everyday. Last but not least, I appreciated you sharing with us the philosophies and the concepts behind yoga.
- Vineetha Govindasamy

It was a truly wonderful experience. I thought the challenge would be going everyday at such an early hour but the energy, passion and quiet of the morning that I discovered at the studio made it a great experience and compensated for any loss of sleep.
- Peggy Immekus

Very positive - actually no complaints of having to get up earlier than I usually do - the whole 90 minutes was well planned and interesting - everyday we learned something new, did new asanas, took home a new sutra to ontemplate
- Carole Fine

Excellent! I am very thankful for the amount of knowledge parted during the course. Subhash has a deep understanding of Yoga. And I would do another course with him, just for his depth of knowledge in Yoga, bringing that authenticity or originality of Yoga, and his willingness to give his deep knowledge to his students.
- Dinesh Perumal

"I personally liked this class very much and made me believe in Yoga. I could see the results in myself.

Overall it has been an wonderful experience to see the transitions in my body from day 1 to day 21."
-Smita Garg

The program was a revelation of  the wonderful world of yoga. I have found the yoga taught to be a very powerful tool for a healthy and blissful body and mind. In fact the program is structured so well, and the duration so ideal, that I already feel a big difference in my total well-being. Subhash's deep knowledge of the subject keeps you absolutely absorbed and engaged. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!
-Deepa Arigala

"Great! experience doing yoga with Subhash. The following benefits I got  myself while doing the yoga classes.  1. Improved health 2. No mood swing 3. More focus 4. lost weight 5. No Sleeping problem  6. Positive Discipline(Time and food)"
-Kumar Senthil

The Class was exceptional.  I have been to many "western" type Yoga Classes.  This was different in that it went into the history and meaning of things.  From my Christian point of view I enjoyed learning about the how Yoga and Hinduism are intertwined and how closely related many of the beliefs are with the 10 commandments .    I liked meeting all of the other participants.
-Jeff Fike

"It was a great experience and it totally changed my whole life. I was suffering from lower back pain and anal fissure for a year and half. After taking this 21-day challenge (with sattvic food) program, I completely got relief from the pain. The yoga postures helped my digestion system which helped to heal the anal fissure. I wish I would have attended this program earlier. It is really a challenging program which requires concentration and motivation which I got it after couple of classes. In addition to the physical exercise, now I have also been trying to control my eating habits. Practicing Yoga and eating more natural foods has made a huge difference in ""how I feel"".

Thank you Subhash ji, for sharing your expertise and helping me to overcome my health issues. You are such a great and wonderful instructor. I wish and pray for your healthy life. Namste!!!"
-Sujatha Muthuswamy

"This was my second 21 day class. I found that my meditation became deeper and the calmness stayed with me longer. Overall the breath control improved as well as my strength."

- Jeff Fike

"I am only more and more convinced that yoga is indeed the single approach to happiness of both the mind and the body. I feel really blessed and lucky to have discovered Subhash and yoga. The philosophy in the form of yamas and niyamas that were shared, I think, was a gentle reminder of how we should live life, and very welcome. In other words, we must practice yoga both in letter and spirit!!"

- Deepa Arigala

"Wonderful experience that has brought me right back to my old routine - waking up early in the morning without too much effort, and going through the day with energy despite the longer day. I have been able to continue practicing every morning since finishing the 21-day session."

- Nivedita Chandrasekar

""It was great for developing better habits. Getting up earlier, wasting less time at night. The whole thing has really helped me.

Yoga works. My range of motion is greatly increased. There are solid, tangible, easily visibly results for the work I've put into it. The classes have helped me to understand how to listen to my body. This is something I didn't pay much attention to before. This will be more important as I age and continue to work on staying in shape."

- Karl Ulrich

"Awesome experience every time. This was my 3rd program and I just loved it again! it's been like a retreat to me, is the best way to start my day :) and improve my life."

- Claudia Behm

""This is wonderful experience and I personally feel that my immune levels improved lot and I become more flexible."

- Praveen Renangi

" Definitely felt an increase in energy. Really enjoyed the classes, especially the one where there was an emphasis on spending a little more time in each Asana. I really felt the deep stretches and understood the meaning of the Asana being comfortable and yet stable. I did not want to come out of some poses! Overall, I think the class offers a very good blend of Asanas, Pranayama and background information about different aspects of Yoga."

- Shilpa Nagaraj

""On day one--I really want to quit! I thought--- this is NOT for me. I even wanted to quit at week two. Then we did the slow yoga--holding poses and I no longer wanted to quit...that was spiritual. I so enjoyed the class and felt stronger after the 21 days."

- Marianne Burke

""One of the most positive things I have done for myself. Subhash was wonderful. The 6 am was a little tough, but ok. I was happy with every aspect of class, just wish I could have stayed for the meditation one. May be back soon."

- Joanne Healey

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class. It was the best yoga class that I've ever taken. Subhash Ji made everyone feel welcome and worked with each person on their individual physical challenges."

- Shelley Bhatia

"Wonderful experience. Muscles that we never knew existed were exercised. It was a true transformation as stated in the course objective. Words cannot describe the experience. One must attend to feel it. Subhashji, we truly thank you from bottom of our heart for all the resources you have provided to continue our daily practice."

- Prakash Ramaswamy

"The 21 Day Yoga program was a wholesome and truly inspiring experience.There was so much sincerity in your teaching and you gave us so many life lessons that we can replay in our heads whenever we want some guidance. Right from OHM to the final Shanti Mantra every second of the class was amazing.It was a wonderful group and thank you all for all your contributions in the form of questions and your experiences.
I would recommend this to anyone who thinks Yoga is not for them. It is a complete workout for the body and mind.Please come and experience it and it will make a difference in your lives."

- Savitha Ram

"The only word i can say is wonderful,After couple of days of classess i wondered why i din't take these classes before,but still glad i finally did take the class.For 21 days i really felt like i have been transformed to a different world and learnt so much about myself and my life."

- Ravi Vasireddy