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Kundalini, Nadis, Chakras

Kundalini Shakti

Here is what I plan to cover:

  1. What is Kundalini?
  2. Kundalini and Yoga
  3. Chakras
  4. Nadi system
  5. Methods of Awakening Kundalini
  6. shakti-snake.jpg
    Kundalini as serpent
  7. Koshas and Chakras
  8. Chakra/element cleansing practice

For a brief introduction to the basic concepts about Kundalini, Chakras and Nadis, please read my blog post here.

Why study Yoga Philosophy?

Because, Yoga philosophy is not just an intellectual exercise, it is a manual on "life". Its study will help us understand:

Come join me for these introductory talks on various aspects of Yoga philosophy and other related texts and see how their study can help you in all aspects of life listed above.

To register, fill out the Registration form, providing information in all the fields, and submit it online.

Please contact me if you have any questions.