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Feedback from current and past students is perhaps the best indication of how satisfied they feel after attending the yoga programs that I offer.

Level 1 Yoga feedback

Stress Management Workshop

21-day Yoga feedback

Pranayama and Meditation Intensive

Pranayama Intensive feedback

Meditation Intensive feedback

Yoga Retreat feedback

Meditation Intensive Feedback

This class more than met my expectations.  I enjoyed each day and new helpful information was presented in each class in a way that helped me assimilate it.  You are a wealth of knowledge and I thank you for sharing it with us.  Your devotion to Yoga and your students is a great gift to us. This class was a gift to myself to try to reclaim my meditation practice and hopefully improve it.

Meditation is easy to describe, yet hard to do.  (1) The focus on dharana practices helped me a lot as I did not really understand how to do sufficient preparation to make meditation easier and more enjoyable.  (2) Explaining that meditation comes first, pranayama second and, asana third in priority is profound for me.  (3) Thank you for giving us the tools and structure to build a home practice.  It is surprising when we have repeated practices so many times that questions still arise at home.  I feel much more calm, have been sleeping very well, getting a lot done each day, remaining more focused on each task, managing my time better, enjoyed getting up at 5:15 each morning to get to class, learned I can get up early if I go to bed early.  Now I am eating less food, chewing more and eating less at night.  This is great because lately I have noticed my digestion at night impairing my sleep, something I never experienced until the last few months. I have made much progress – I remember telling you there was no way I could hop out of bed and start doing asana – that my body would not allow it.  Now I happily do that without strain.  I look forward to it.  Everything is getting easier.

The immersion classes such as this one seem to have many peripheral unexpected benefits.  I am now more comfortable sitting on the floor.

- Sherri Harmon

It was a good experience as I learnt more than what I had expected. The theoretical knowledge bundled with the techniques brought things in perspective. Subhashji made it look very simple as he gave us lot of options and now we can pick and choose to make it our practice . He also made it clear what is the the goal and how to achieve it and there are no rigid rules but there are certain guidelines to follow .

I just had my eye check up. Though I don't have high number but still my vision has improved so would be buying new glasses now :) Thank you Subhashji.

- Bhavna Sharma

Very Useful. Three main takeaways: 1. Thoughts will come, just do not hold on to it
2. What we understand as "Guided Medittaion" is really the "Dhaarana" part which is really a preparation for actual "Dhyaana" part of meditation.
3. The Dhyaana part of meditation is where we can use our personal Mantra.

Suggestions for future programs:

1. Have 3 days dedicated to a complete mock trial of Praanayama-Meditation-Yoga combination (minus discussion) which the student can duplicate at home. Having a "rehearsal" flow will help solidify the practicalities of a routine to follow.
2. Also, offer another "Advanced" Course only for those who have completed all 3 individual programs which already had theory plus practice. In the advanced, it will just be practice and very, very minimum theory.

- Uma Venkatraman

I found the meditation intensive to be a good complement to the pranayama intensive.  The overlap between the two was good for repetition and helping to remember all of the new terminology, especially the Sanskrit names.  I am glad to have taken both of these courses. I have been meditating for awhile and have tried many techniques, but this was the first formal instruction I have had on meditation.  The biggest take away for me was the concept that as you get closer to the state of Samadhi, the mantra will have less importance and eventually will dissolve and not be needed.  This was a key concept that I have not seen anywhere else and one that I had a great deal of confusion over.  I have looked into using a mantra before and also done research on vipassana style, which says just to observe the body and don't attach to anything.  I always thought the two methods contradicted each other until it was mentioned that the mantra will dissolve eventually.  This really brought a lot of my reading and practice together.  Thank you! 

I would like to see a course that touches on the Katha Upanishad, how the 5 senses contribute to the fluctuations of the mind, and more techniques on how to tame those thoughts.

- Scott Hicks

Very professionally taught. Always on time. Explained the principles behind the asanas, pranayama and meditation and got me interested to learn about this ancient science of yoga. His website has an abundant wealth of information for his students. Totally the 2 weeks session was a very enriching experience. The group dynamics was also very good! 

I learned that yoga is actually a combination of asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Although the morning classes were initially a bit daunting, that is the best time for practice, keeps the energy level high throughput the day. Determined to make it as my home practice also.

- Sudha Sundaram

I came to the program with a good feedback from another friend and was not disappointed. My intention was to learn practices to achieve mental quietness which can lead into meditation. Both the practicals (Asanas,pranayama and methods of dharana) was well balanced with theory behind each and compliment well with Vedentic teachings which I am reasonably well versed with. I always felt cheerful and energetic throughout the day after the program."

My takeaways:  "Nirayntarya abhyasa (constant practice) is very important. Mind is very difficult to control and runs in all directions even with small hints of sensory inputs,so again practice is needed for progress but it can brought within a limited field of your focus (mantra and its meaning) by practice. As mind is wedded to body, body too has control over mind and  a body trained through asana followed by pranayama helps to achieve a quiet mind to start your Dharana practice"

- Hari Ganapathy

Intensive gave me more awareness in my life and yoga practice. I try to keep the consciousness in all my acts.  I started to ask myself whether I use the intellect or ego in my days situations. It gives me the sense more stability and peace. My meditations became longer and deeper. They give me more energy and vitality.

I intend to have my 1.5 hours daily yoga practice with 20 min meditation. I started to read the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle with interest. I integrate the  Pranayama and Meditation’s techniques, recommended Subhash, in my own yoga classes.

Both, Pranayama and Meditation Intensives gave the revolutionary impact in my life. I want to study using the bandhas in the yoga practice more.

- Nina Ellis

Really enjoyed the meditation intensive!

- Ana Cardia

Excellent program. Learned different techniques of dharna.Would like more sessions with longer meditation sessions.

- Bina Thakkar

Absolutely Stunning. Three takeaways: Wake up early morning, Reduced stress, Increased energy!

- Sathish Sundararajan

Really enjoyed the meditation class, learnt a lot of new techniques for Dyana & Dharana. I learned:  How important meditation is given in Yoga philosophy; Various stages of meditation; - General Yoga Philosophy"

- Srinivas Sunkara

Wonderful as always! I learned so much because you are so giving with your knowledge! Meditation is the main point to yoga, that there is nothing wrong with me because of my major monkey mind, and that all I have to do is sit down and meditate and I can do that anywhere at anytime.

- Camille Bautista

Excellent, as always. Thank you!

I would like more of the meditation time. We live in a world where everyone's mind is going so fast with so much information. For me, less talk and I learning more by doing than by thinking works better. I can read about the information outside of class. The ENERGY that you create in class is what helps us all focus. I believe that when someone holds that energy of meditation in their energy field and their brainwave patterns, then others can try and copy/resonate with it. The learning comes by osmosis.

- Joanne Healey

I can't say enough how pleased I am with the whole experience of this class. It has been an absolutely amazing experience. Subhash ji is very thorough, and knowledgable yoga instructor. (number of returning students tell about the quality of Subhash Ji class, and his dedication to yoga)
The class has a good balance of teaching meditation techniques, and practice. I highly recommend it, as meditation is the key for mindfulness (awareness) , and I would love to join the next session as well.

- Dharm Gupta

I appreciated each class of the Pranayama/Meditation Intensive. Subhash creates a learning environment that is positive, accepting, and fun. The well-presented lecture content is the glue that makes the practices stick by facilitating understanding and gentle self-care. Students of all stages and skill levels will feel at home in the studio. I feel very fortunate to have had this learning experience and will always look fondly upon these days of finding a new awareness. I have experienced a significant personal world view change.

- Denise Peoples

I have taken the pranayama and meditation classes. It was a great experience to feel the change in my daily existence, feeling calmer, more energetic, more focus. The way that the classes are taught where exercises had a reason to be done and the mind understands the effect on itself, therefore the physical aspect, it is extremely important. The approach to connect with other practitioners, where everybody for different reasons want to improve, heal, help their own situation, encourage each person to continue this endevour pursuing a better self. Thank you very much for helping people to naturally be healthier not only physically but also emotionally.

- Patricia Nadabar