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Feedback from current and past students is perhaps the best indication of how satisfied they feel after attending the yoga programs that I offer.

Level 1 Yoga feedback

Stress Management Workshop

21-day Yoga feedback

Pranayama and Meditation Intensive

Pranayama Intensive feedback

Meditation Intensive feedback

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Pranayama Intensive Feedback

I participated in the Pranayama Intensive via Facebook Live and found it to be a very valuable experience and certainly worthwhile of my time. The sessions were informative, clearly taught and interesting. I look forward to incorporating these breathing practices more fully into my personal yoga sessions, now having a better understanding of technique and significance. Some days my Ego tried to influence me to hit the snooze button, but my Intellect got me up and onto my yoga mat by 6AM. Even though I participated from home and could have watched the video later in the day, it was important for me to commit to the 6AM timeframe. Definitely exceeded my expectations!

- Gail Coles

This was a fantastic experience! It was a wonderful way to start my day and hope my travel schedule allows me to participate again soon. I enjoyed the variety of the different breathing exercises and found it fascinating how much more energy I felt in the afternoons. I also felt that breathing relaxed my muscles much more than just asanas. I feel like I have a much better sense of the role of both in preperation for mediation.

- Anne Mikelonis

I love the Pranayama Intensive, this one is by far my very favorite intensive program. I love the way I feel after the class, the breathing exercises open up my lungs and makes me feel really good. Also, I feel more centered and balanced throughout my day when I begin with the yoga practice. Before I used to practice mostly asanas, but now Pranayama became my favorite part of yoga. Thank you Subhash! :)

- Ana Cardia

Positive and refreshing experience!

- Ashwin Palani

Awesome! Loved the pace, the individual attention Subhash ji manages to provide even when there are 30 students, the passion with which Subhash Ji teaches is inspiring and motivating.

- Anu Surya


- Bipin Gadi

Great. I started the first class with a very, very bad attitude. The class began turning that around. I feel so much better. Thanks to yoga.

- Brenda Clevelan

Great rejuvenating experience!

- Venkat Venkatakrishnan

Great! I learned how to properly breathe and feel refresehd.

- Shivani Devaguptapu

I was very glad I made the time to take the class.

- Latha Hutchigowder

The Pranayama intensive exceeded my expectations. I really liked the way the class weaved the pranayama techniques into all other aspects of yoga. It was not just on technique, but also covered application, benefits, and theory behind them. I only had a little exposure to a few of the techniques that were covered and have always had an interest to learn more. With the internet, the information is available and relatively easy to find, but finding an instructor to give some history and discuss the experiences with the techniques is not easy to find. I am grateful to have found Subhash and his studio and feel this will be an integral part of my teacher training.

- Scott Hicks

After Intensive I feel more active, strong, enthusiastic and vital energetic in my body especially in my lungs. I started to wake up at 6 am with pleasure and practice Subhash's recommended daily routine. I improved my Ujjayi Pranayama and started to practice Kapalabhati, Rapid and Bhramari every day. I started to practice Neti with nasal cleansing pot. I started to reread the authentic yoga scripture the Yoga Sutras which supports me in my everyday life.

- Nina Ellis

Had a wonderful experience, the class has such a good balance of Yoga, Pranayama and introduction to meditation. Every morning I woke up fresh looking forward for the class.
Love the enthusiasm of Subhashji and the world of information that is available on his blog. Subhashji is so readily available and is willing to answer any questions / doubts that come up. He is very knowledgeable and is practicing what he teaches.

- Srinivas Sunkara

Enjoyed the training and it exceeded my expectation in every account.

- Santha Kumar

The program was very well designed and Subhas Ji guided us step by step with all details of Pranayama techniques. I am not sure if i would known so much from elsewhere. The reason of doing Pranayama and the benefits were felt by me by the time we finished the Program.

- Amitabh Misro

Very informative and positive as always. Every workshop I take with you I learn more and more, you might be teaching the same thing that you have taught before that I've already heard, but maybe I wasn't readyto hear it before, so it's like reading a good book or hearing a beautiful piece of music, you learn something new every time.

- Camille Bautista

A GREAT EXPERIENCE..... This class had brought my awareness about pranayama and yoga to another level. It's truly enlightening. The classes are very well balanced. Pranayama is really helpful, my energy levels are consistent through out the day. Looking forward to join more sessions and workshops. Thank you Subhash Ji... You are an excellent instructor.... Your respect to YOGA is very inspiring...

- Varsha Peddi

This was a wonderful experience. I have come to realize how much breathing can positively enhance my mood, vitality, thinking and comfort. Subhash is an excellent teacher, grounding the class in both the techniques and the underlying history and philosophy. Several times during the 14 days he sent out updates via email, listing what we had covered and what was coming up. Included in these updates were links to additional information, photos, videos and audio that help the student learn and enjoy the experience of Yoga. Subhash's enthusiasm and diligence as an instructor made the intensive a true pleasure to attend.

- Jim Lyda

I absolutely LOVED the Pranayama intensive, it was one of the best experiences I had so far and for sure the best one with yoga ever!
I never before saw yoga the way I do now. I learned so much with you Subhash. I truly appreciate your knowledge and wisdom, I hope one day, as I grow up and mature, I can find myself in a position of being just like you are today. What an inspiration you are for me and what great value I got from this class!
I love all I learned, and I am looking forward to learning more!
I like the way class was designed, the breathing techiniques, repetition, the explanations behind each breathing and why it is good, the benefits it brings to the body, whether is is cooling or generate heat.
I felt amazing with these breathing techniques, I never heard of them before and I love each one, I like the way I felt after class too, like as my lungs were clear and open, and my energy level was so high, I truly enjoyed that.
My goal sure is to develop this practice at home, create the discipline and daily routine, so I can practice my pranayama and meditation anywhere I am!

- Ana Cardia

Useful, stimulating and health enhancing. Three takeaways:

For yoga to be life enhancing;
1) Practice it everyday.
2) yoga has eight limbs; to say I practice yoga everyday means I try practicing all eight aspects of Yoga meaning, Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama ---- and the rest.
3) Set a schedule so it is easier to make one's practice a daily ritual.

- Vasudha Gupta

I thoroughly enjoyed the 12-day pranayama intensive class. I came away feeling calmer and healthier (I didn't drink any alcohol or have any animal products except yogurt and cheese and half and half). I found that I bickered less with my husband. That's a great thing because a little bickering can lead to some full blown arguments at times. I was worn out from the classes in part because I wasn't used to the early start but also because I may have tried to hard. I believe when I practice at home and become more familiar with pranayama techniques, I will relax into it more.

- Brenda Cleveland

I learned so much as usual and thank you so much for your generosity of heart and knowledge.

- Camille Bautista

It has been transformation for me. This was my very first introduction to yoga. I just finished 21 day Yoga & 11 day Pranayama back to back classes. I absolutely love everything about this experience. Now I am doing yoga everyday, considering my busy schedule, I never thought I will devote so time. All credit goes to Subhashji, he is very systematic. Along with purpose, benefits he also explains philosophy and ancient context which actually makes big difference.

It's very clean, yoga-friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend the Integral Yoga studio to anyone interested. From my experience, this is absolutely the best place if you want to get introduced to Yoga.

- Milind Bagade

Enjoyed the pace,promptness, the "Why" discussion, the "how" demonstration and personal feedback and the caring guidance of Subhash-ji. Thank you!

- Uma Venkatraman