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Feedback from current and past students is perhaps the best indication of how satisfied they feel after attending the yoga programs that I offer.

Level 1 Yoga feedback

Stress Management Workshop

21-day Yoga feedback

Pranayama and Meditation Intensive

Pranayama Intensive feedback

Meditation Intensive feedback

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Level 1 Yoga Feedback

I have been practicing yoga for 7 years, all of those years have been with Subhash. I first started yoga due to back problems (a spinal fusion in my teens turned into scoliosis as an adult). Daily yoga practice has been extremely beneficial, transforming my daily pain from a 7 (on a 1 - 10 scale) to 1, sometimes 0.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Subhash has been with me every step of the way, from making sure I don't over-do it, to modifying exercises for my level of ability. Over the last three years, I have had many doctor visits and my doctors are pleasantly surprised with my energy, positive attitude and maintenance of my disease. I attribute all these positive factors to yoga and having a wonderful teacher.

I would greatly encourage anyone with a disability to start practicing yoga, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

- Kerry Gorman

Subhash does an excellent job of teaching integral yoga based on his many years of experience. He emphasizes the fundamental yoga concepts that come from Patanjali's 'Yoga Sutras', giving his classes a historical context. His yoga classes provide a great foundation for developing a yoga practice of one's own.

- Don Asper

“I took integral yoga classes taught by Subhash Mittal for 2 years. The integral yoga approach clearly emphasizes that yoga is much more than asanas. And Subhash is a wonderful instructor full of deep insight into the practice -- whether it be new asanas or breathing practices, yoga theory, cleansing practices (like jal neti), etc.”

– Harteg Wariyar

I must say that your class had brought my awareness of yoga to a different level. My physical condition became better as I concentrated on my breathing and what food I was putting in my body. I greatly enjoyed the guest speakers that you had in your classes and still tell others how much I had learned in these discussions. I was amazed at how knowledgeable these people were but still very humble. There was something very special about you and the energy of the class that I have not quite experienced again.

- Lorie Betancourt

Subhash is a true yogi and inspirational teacher. He included asana practice, pranayama as well as instructing on the philosophy of yoga. He is missed and cannot be replaced!

- Shanti (Lisa Hapeman)

We will always remember fondly your yoga classes. Not only did we learn the basic and advanced poses, but you helped us deal with life in general, particularly in dealing with stress in our lives. You are very helpful in the classes, helping everyone from beginner to advanced student.
- Ray Vaccari

You exposed us to yoga philosophy, the eight limbs of yoga, you never taught yoga as simply physical exercise program but much more, you taught us how yoga can help us to look at life differently and how it can help us deal with daily stress. I remembered I use to come to your class feeling tired and heavy with stress and after attending you structured program I use to feel so light and fresh.

I really miss a guru like you. You taught us with lot of patience, working with individual ability. I enjoyed every Saturday morning class. You enlighten our life with the spiritual knowledge of yoga. I am fortunate to have got an opportunity to attend your class. I am doing yoga and I am grateful to you for exposing me to the right knowledge.
- Archana Bajpai

I really enjoyed the yoga classes I attended with you as the guru. This was a very unique mind/body experience. I have attended Bikram Yoga, Yoga classes at NYSC, and at the Gym at work, nothing compared to the ones we attended with you. Every Saturday morning I looked forward to attending the 7:00 a.m. session even though I am not a morning person; this really rejuvenated us and made us ready for the next week, I liked the combination of Yoga asanas along with the Pranayam techniques. I wish you had continued to teach in New jersey, I miss attending these classes.
- Shaku Harshavardhana

“Thanks to your Yoga classes held in the temple in New Jersey, I have become very regular in doing Yoga. Prior to your classes, I used to do Yoga on and off. But, ever since I started coming to your classes, I have become very disciplined about doing it regularly. Your classes were very enjoyable and comprehensive. Also, you read Yoga related literature to the class which provided the theoretical / philosophical background and was very enlightening. I still remember Yoga classes with you and others in the group very fondly."
- Vasu

“My husband and I did yoga with Subhash for approximately 7-8 years. What I most remember from his classes is that he not only taught physical postures, but emphasized the life style of yoga - meaning, combining spiritual mind and body. There was never any competition of how well you did versus others, just do as much as you can - the part I loved about Subhash's classes were that he and his wife have incorporated "yoga" in their life - they seemed to have that peace of mind about them - and to me that is the most important part, physical postures or asanas are important, but without the training of meditation and internal peace of mind, they only provide physical benefits"
- Kalpana Sheth

I have taken yoga classes with Subhash Mittal and would recommend him to any student from beginner to the most advanced. His classes are excellent and always leave you feeling wonderful and refreshed. Subhash focuses on all the aspects of yoga and incorporates them into his classes and presents something new each week from breath work (pranayama), the background and philosophy of yoga, meditation (dhyana), and of course the postures (asanas). Subhash is a peaceful, gentle, patient man and that comes across in his excellent teaching skills. I encourage you to take a class with Subhash as you will not be disappointed, enjoy! Namaste.
- Catherine Larsen

Over 2 year experience in my Yoga lesson, It increased my body flexibility, strength and self-confidence. Also it helped causes of some types of back pain. Not to mention, doing the pranayamam helped relieved my stress and anxiety (I have had anxiety and doctor asked me to take medicine for that). But Yoga helped me being away from that.

We are so lucky to have you as an instructor :-)
- Uma