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Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation)

To listen to a beautiful rendition of all the Surya Namaskar mantras, please click the play button

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A detailed description of the mantras and their significance is available here (pdf file)

Surya Namaskara
Position Description Mantra Chakra
1 Exhale - Palms in the prayer position Om mitraya namaha Anahata (heart)
2 Inhale - Stretch the arms out, up and back Om ravaye namaha Vishuddhi (throat)
3 Exhale - bending forward from the hips Om Suryaye Namaha Swadisthana (pelvic)
4 Inhale - left leg all the way back, looking up Om Bhanave Namaha Ajna (third eye)
5 Exhale - right leg back (downward facing dog) Om Khagaya Namaha Vishuddhi (throat)
6 Hold - knees, chest and chin to the floor Om Pushne Namaha Manipura (navel)
7 Inhale- lift the head, neck and chest (cobra pose) Om Hiranyagarbhaye Namaha Swadhisthana (pelvic)
8 Exhale - push back into downward facing dog Om Marichaye Namaha Vishuddhi (throat)
9 Inhale - left foot forward between the palms, look up Om Adityaya Namah Ajna (third eye)
10 Exhale - right foot forward, knees straight, bending forward Om Savitre Namaha Swadhisthana (pelvic)
11 Inhale - stretch arms out, up and back Om Arkaya Namaha Vishuddhi (throat)
12 Exhale - straighten up, palms in the prayer position, release the arms Om Bhaskaraya Namaha Anahata (heart)