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Feedback from current and past students is perhaps the best indication of how satisfied they feel after attending the yoga programs that I offer.

Level 1 Yoga feedback

Stress Management Workshop

21-day Yoga feedback

Pranayama and Meditation Intensive

Pranayama Intensive feedback

Meditation Intensive feedback

Yoga Retreat feedback

Pranayama and Meditation Intensive

"Had a wonderful time. Though i was having lot of lower back issues, for some reason i never had issues doing the stretching exercises. This has given me confidence to continue with yoga.
Having a daily early morning class really helps and is really the best time to do yoga.
Thanks so much"

- Satish Kumar

"It was eye opening experience. I always wanted to get into yoga but until now I was not able to find one that taught in a holistic way."

- Satish Manikoth

"I had a great opportunity to learn some basics about Patanjali Yoga System. It was a very enlightening experience to learn from Subhash Mittal, a very sincere and learned student-cum-instructor. I regained my confidence in Patanjali Yoga to improve my life. Yoga is meant for not only physical fitness but it also connects us with the universal consciousness."

- Parshottam Patel

"Wonderful and not at all what I expected. I learned so much about different breathing techniques and how the breathing affects the way you think and how it helps you to be healthier and also helps and is necessary for yoga to do it correctly. Also learning all the breathing with locks and with fast breathing which detox you ;they helped me because I have a lot of anxiety and I have always been doing shallow breathing and it really helped loosen up my body and helped me feel much healthier."

- Camille Bautista

"I had a good learning experience. The classes were well balanced and i enjoyed the discussions in the end immensely. I am already feeling the subtle effects of pranayama (kapalabhati) and I hope I will reap the benefits for years to come."

- Rahul Ramasubramanian

"Very enlightening, and energizing. Subhash Ji is an excellent yoga teacher, and every class is loaded with a lot of information, and practice. Subhash Ji is very encouraging, and shares all the resources and information which is very helpful for my own daily yoga practice. I highly recommend this class, as I see a lot of benefits in my life."

- Dharm Gupta

"A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! I am a lifetime novice in yoga and meditation, starting and stopping my practice, over and over again. At age 65, I knew that I would either commit to this path of health and peace, or suffer. I've never attempted an intensive of any kind before but decided to take a chance on Subhash's 14 day intensive, getting up at 5:00 am each day to do it. I made all 14 days, learned more than I ever expected, and was actually sad when the intensive ended. Wonderful to learn so much new about myself at this age.

Pranayama (breath work) is an extraordinarily powerful practice in it's own right. Subhash pronounced at the start that I would have more energy everyday. And did I ever !!! What a revelation."

- Jim Lyda

"Loved the Program. Amazing Program to provide a complete experience."

- Sahitya Kistangari

"Very good. I have more energy throughout the day."

- Shraddha Mudvari

"wonderful! very refreshing and energising!"

- Rajeshwari Reddy

"It was a great experience. Not being a morning person at all it was challenging to get up very early every morning, but I liked it. What a great way to start the day with a high energy level. The ten-day challenge showed and made us feel what a difference daily practice can make (vs. only once a week)."

- Tim Ehlich

"Wonderful and motivating. Each day built on the experiences of the previous day almost seamlessly - like a beautiful structure coming into existence step by step - on the last day one did feel 'why does it have to end ?' It has become my first step for an inward journey which should have begun long ago but somewhere got postponed !"

"The peace that comes from meditation - I have always found meditation to be too passive and time consuming to see results. The methods taught made me realise that it is the quality of meditation that matters and that can be achieved in a short span with the right technique."

"sitting cross legged on the floor was an impossibility for me. Even sitting on the floor with legs folded close to the body was a problem - I could do this with some degree of comfort at the end of 12 days.

- Lakshmi Madhusoodanan

One word--excellent!
Three take-aways:
1. group yoga is better than individual yoga-- more like one coal igniting the other in the group; more like a chain reaction.

2.just pranayama by itself can be very good.

3. Getting to know S M and his website with a wealth of information and personal experience

- Sunderesan Madhusoodanan

"Quite delightful. All my expectations were met. I wanted to continue to be centered during a very stressful time and I was able to do so and also able to keep energy levels up."

-Patty Walsh

"Wonderful!! I learned so much about the history and philosophy of Hatha yoga in 12 days. Subhash is a wealth of knowledge and has a way of teaching that is easy to comprehend."

- Maddy Strauss

Great! Yoga has lots of health benefits provided I PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE. I feel so fortunate to have your classes around and find them just perfect, particularly because you are such a great instructor. Your focus is that a student should begin from wherever he stands now & continue and eventually (s)he'll get there and not just about getting it right the first time.

- Priti Daswani

I love the way it was paced and presented. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such a helpful way. The mailings and online resources you provide are very useful in reinforcing what we have learned. They helped me get through my first day of home practice today by answering my questions as I practiced.

The breathing techniques must be very helpful. My energy level is pretty consistent throughout the day now. I am more calm and relaxed and focused on what I am doing.

The class exceeded my expectations. There is always more to learn.

- Sheryl Harmon

""I really enjoyed the sessions, and felt good the whole day. I felt the energy level was high after doing Yoga and Pranayama. Learned about the chakras and bandhas the first time."

- Lakhesh Khullar

"It was great. The people in the room contributed so much wonderful energy to the experience. Subhash, as always, your deep knowledge and thoughtful teaching is a gift to all of your students. Everyday was a new learning experience."

-Kristen Daniels

"After the first couple of days I thought it was great to review the basics....but would I learn anything silly of was a great experience and really worked changing up my morning practice which felt so unmotivating...I got to really witness the effects of pranayam and meet some lovely people...including you are a kind and passionate teacher and I hope to know you for many years...the triangle is lucky to have you."

- Pam McCarthy

"... Experience of this ""Pranayam/ Meditation Intensive"" has been so much more than mere knowledge! Not to mention the support group of the participants. Each one of us had a set of challenges that we sought to overcome, so we could have this wonderful experience. Subhashji's guidance is impactful and his unassuming & non-judgemental persona is attractive. I absolutely enjoyed the short talks he gives sprinkled throughout the session. I felt safe , connected and encouraged. "

- Amita Desai

"Excellent and very Energetic."

- Pushpa Parameswaran

"I must first thank YOU, Subhashji for such a wonderful experience. The 12 day Pranayama intensive was everything I'd imagined it would be, and more! You very clearly explained how each technique was to be practiced, which made this aspect of yoga that much more understandable to the uninitiated. The tidbits of the underlying philosophy made the whole practice more personal."

- Ramya Kapadia

"My experience was excellent especially in coming to a better understanding of the spiritual aspects of yoga."

- Jeff Doss

""I am grateful to have taken the course. I felt relaxation from the beginning of the first session. I felt calmer and more able to take care of business in the rest of my life. My thinking was clearer, my emotions more stable, my body more relaxed, my sense of the divine more realized.

I am also doing other practices/studies that coordinate well with yoga and all of them together are perfectly dovetailing to an enhanced living experience."

- Wendy Morris

"I think it was a great experience. I looked forward each morning to attending, even though getting up at 5am was not something I usually do, it was not bad at all getting up that early. I appreciate your patience with all of us and the class was very welcoming. I hope to continue practicing what I've learned. I also hope to take more classes and attend worshops."

- Leona Salz

"Subhash is the personification of peace. it is relaxing just to be in his presence. he's an excellent instructor, in that he's so explanatory and patient and compassionate and welcoming, especially for those in which the environment may be a bit foreign. i would highly recommend soaking up what he has to teach."

- Lee

"I could see the difference with the daily yoga practice, compared to weekly once sessions. Felt very fresh and rejuvenated after each class. Subhashji's instructions are very clear and concise. His style of reviewing each technique and encouraging/spending time answering questions has made this session very effective for beginners like me to become comfortable with most of the breathing techniques taught. Also, the yoga sutras talk was very enlightening."

- Priya Elango

"I was recharged by the course. The pranayama and meditation were energizing, yet relaxing with a calm, deep meditative tone. Subhash pays attention to every student's needs and caters to individual's requirements."

- Shilpa Surapaneni

"Overall course is great and got Vedic and scientific details on each one of them. I throughly enjoyed the program."

- Subramanian Venkataraman

"Very educational and inspirational class.....I totally enjoyed the getting to know my classmates and my wonderful teacher. I think this class will become a life changing event for me! Your web page is excellent and very easy to follow."

- Katherine Pittman

"Great overall experience! Classes were just the right balance of instruction, introduction and application for me to start an understanding of yoga breathing, meditation and stretching principles. I will highly recommend and encourage my friends to attend."

- Torin Bussey

"Thank you so much for your teachings Subhash; the Asanas for giving me some flexibility that I have not felt for years, the Pranayama for keeping me energized throughout my day and the meditation for giving me techniques for peace for myself and joy to give to others. I hope to continue this for always. You will see me again that is for sure."

- Alice Rogers

"Overall experience was GREAT! really loved to wake up every morning to attend class, it made me more curious about Yoga and all the components of it and opened to me a new perspective of life, a better one. I know this is a work in progress (I'm still learning and has tons of more things to know) but I'm amazed on how much better and capable I'm now to be more focused and aware about the amazing things happening around me. Thank you so much Subhash for having this passion to teach and share all your knowledge, love and respect for Yoga, it is very, very inspiring."

- Claudia Behm

"The 12-day Pranayama was a wonderful experience for me and I am really glad I joined this workshop. I have heard about the benefits of yoga from people before but it was during this 12-day workshop that I actually experienced it myself! I learned a lot during the workshop. It was a good balance of asanas and pranayama with some focus on meditation as well. Subhash is a dedicated teacher and very knowledgeable. I really appreciate that Subhash took the efforts to explain how a particular asana or pranayama is beneficial to the body or mind. He often sited excerpts from the ancient text of Yoga (Yoga Sutras) and their interpretations. This made the classes very lively and interesting. This made it easier for me to stick to the routine for those 12-days. When I started the classes, I was skeptical if I would continue with the practice as commitment to any physical exercise has always been a problem with me. For those 12-days, after I returned back from the classes, I felt refreshed. My digestive problems had reduced and I felt lighter in my mind. By the end of the workshop, I had much more knowledge on yoga and more determination than ever to continue the practice of yoga!"

- Krithika Venkataramani

"Hmmmm so here we go! It was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I simply loved it... it forced me to get up early in the morning, actually do something for me, myself and I..... which I rarely do.... great experience as I was basically introduced to Pranayama and Meditation in this session, I have taken Yoga but mainly practicing Asana... I definitely felt energized through out the day.... however I would really like it to be only on weekdays! PLEASE! I do want to continue this and would like to see a class offered 3-4 days a week which should include Pranayama, Meditation and Asana and be offered throught out the year , not limited to 12 days... 21 days sessions.... Thank you!"

- Fowzia Essani

"It was great to begin the day with a relaxing session of asana, pranayama and meditation before tackling the rest of the day. Attending the session again helped me remember and correct the techniques I had learnt in Subhashji's previous sessions. As one in the third trimester of pregnancy, the early morning yoga sessions helped reduce anxiety and the general aches and pains that I had been experiencing. It was great to practice yoga with a committed and earnest group of classmates under the gentle guidance of Subhashji"

- Ramya Kapadia

"I really found this class to change me in a very profound way. I have had very stressful health and life experiences over the past 10-15 years and though I have done my yoga asanas, I found that my mind was still not settled and that I had difficulty organizing my thoughts. This pranayama practice seems to effortlessly helped me to calm my mind. This was what I wanted from the sessions and I am happy to say that, without using my mind to try and control it, just the breathing seems to have done something profound. Thank you so much Sabhash, you really create an atmosphere or acceptance,healing and growth."

- Joanne Healey

"I am so happy that Subhash offered a 12-day program for those of us starting out on our journeys inward. Though I have done many western style yoga classes this class is something special and it was exactly what I was looking for - an experienced teacher and guide who was very well prepared, grounded and patient. The pace was appropriate and always varied in style and presentation. We were also graced with having two special ""breakfast"" get togethers afterwards and my fellow ""mat"" mates couldn't have been more gracious. I really am connected with what Subhash is doing for those who are seeking and know we will daily continue on our journeys.""

- Marianne Endicott

I had a wonderful experience. I loved making time for myself each day to do something that was truly beneficial to my mind, body, and spirit. The classroom environment was so welcoming and calming. Everyone was there for the same reason, and sharing the experience made it much more meaningful. I loved the fact that the class was structured but still flowed at a gentle (but not too gentle) pace.
3 Take-aways:
1. Before starting the program, I was scared about waking up so early and devoting so much time to this class for 12 consecutive days. Now I've learned that pushing through fear is one of the most rewarding things I can do for myself. I had nothing to be scared of, and I gained so, so much from the program.
2. I tend to live too much in the past or the future, and the program taught me techniques to live in the present, and how important living in the present is for my overall well-being.
3. In each class, I was more aware of my emotions and mental state than I was on a normal morning. I want to try to take away this awareness and find it every morning, hopefully helping myself live a more peaceful and self-aware life."

- Ayla Goktan

3 Take-aways:
1. Incorporate different asanas, pranayama , and meditation techniques by choosing different sets for each day of the yoga practice. 2. Yoga practice is much more than the asanas and physical exercises, it is a path to total peace and joyous living, therefore a study and practice of the theory of yoga is very important. 3. One will not be able to become a yogi in one life time, one just has to keep on working, slowly and steadily and be satisfied with what is possible at the moment."

- Vasudha Gupta

"I enjoyed the program and learned a lot. Spending 12 consecutive days practicing in class gave me enough new techniques to adapt into an individualized practice at home. I am/was able to use the fresh memory from the class routines and integrate it to my home practice. Being forced to wake up early to get to class really became easier and I found it easy to do for the first five days afterwards. On the other hand, some days I was so tired in class that I found it hard to keep focused, to mediate or to absorb information/ideas. "

- Amber Harmon

"The overall experience was wonderful. I am feeling more connected to myself. Now a days, most of the time, I  am applying the simple  yoga techniques learnt from you and making  my life smoother and refreshing. I am very happy to be the part of your 12-day yoga intensive program. You are an awesome  yoga teacher. Thank You for blessing us with yoga."

- Manisha Chahal

"I had a wonderful experience! Subhash is an excellent teacher with a wonderfully calm demeanor. He has a very wise intelligent presence, I felt lucky just to occupy the same space.

The breathing techniques we practiced, my favorite being the Uddjahi breathing.  (forgive my spelling) The constant reminder to connect with myself through strenuous times and that inner peace isn't as far away as it may seem. I also took away important information on more natural ways of being to carry with me throughout life. (cleansing techniques, philosophy lessons)"

- Jess Larsson

"This was a great session for basic learning of Pranayam/Meditation for me. I learned new methods of breathing and the actual meaning of why do we do that. Overall, the 12 day experience of Yoga was great. I recommend everyone to do this session minimum.

It helped me keep focus and clam all day. I feel more energetic throughout the day. it increased my endurance, strength, flexibility and confidence."

- Unmesh Acharya