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Feedback from current and past students is perhaps the best indication of how satisfied they feel after attending the yoga programs that I offer.

Level 1 Yoga feedback

Stress Management Workshop

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Pranayama and Meditation Intensive

Pranayama Intensive feedback

Meditation Intensive feedback

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Stress Management Workshop Testimonials

I enjoyed the class very much and wanted another one this morning for my stiff neck! I will be signing up for Yoga!
I appreciate the knowledge and awareness that I gleaned. I cannot think of anything I didn't like.
- Sandy

I really enjoyed the Stress Management class and I do feel like it is something that should be offered to employees. I feel that this would be very beneficial to both their physical as well as mental well being. I especially enjoyed the chair poses because I don't always have time to take a 10-15 min break and walk around. The chair poses are quick and easy and a nice way to de-stress in a few short minutes.
- Bridgette A. Davidson

Thanks for offering the session. It was very good and I already used some of the exercises in the water while swimming.
- Miriam Oren

I thought it was an excellent presentation. I have already used a lot of the stretching exercises, and they have worked very well. Subhash is an excellent teacher, and I think this would be beneficial to the whole workforce.
- Whitney Shankland

I certainly did enjoy the workshop yesterday! I definitely think this class should be offered to all local employees. Everyone could benefit from it, for sure.
- Nancy

I think its a wonderful program and we need more programs like this in the corporate world to help with the stress that is in our lives today.
- Norma S. Walker

I enjoyed the class and found it extremely helpful. I was surprised at the chair yoga and thought it contributed much to the class. I feel the class would be great for many folks here, maybe small groups to start, even managers. To me, this is work-life balance which we pay a lot of lip service to but seldom practice.
- Pam

I'm not much into the "yoga" thing; I'm more of a walker, treadmill, low impact aerobics gal, but I felt the exercises--stretching, breathing, relaxation--were all very helpful and some of it overlapped what I remembered doing in aerobics. I went into the class somewhat stressed and with a bit of a headache, and when I left, I felt much more relaxed, in control -- and my headache was gone. I think it would be helpful for everyone to realize how these simple techniques can greatly eliminate the symptoms of stress and give you a clearer focus.
- Cecilia V. Williams

I enjoyed it very much. I was like a limp noodle when I left. I believe everyone would benefit. It would have been nice to have a larger space to perform the exercises, however, very beneficial and worthwhile. I used some of the techniques again yesterday.
- Susan

I really enjoyed the Stress Management and Yoga session and thank you and Subhash for your wonderful presentation. It was very enlightening. The only problem with the session was that it wasn't long enough. Subhash is an excellent teacher; I felt very relaxed and peaceful after the session.
- Maria